Kukka K-1 Floret Glossy Black

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•             ClassicDesigner Helmet.

•             3 in 1Helmet.

•             Helmetwith the Sunpeak.

•             Use  peak with visor.

•             Use peakwith Cap.

•             Newconcept  for the first time with the Cap.

•             Replacable Inner visor with cap.

•             4Designer reflective straps on the sides.

•             TheStraps are with specification of reflection which glow when light falls on the strap.

•             Helmet asper ISI and European standards

•             Sizesavailable - 500mm(XXXS) - 620mm(XL).

•             Helmetwith Cheek pads for added comfort.

•             MoreSpace in the interiors for your ears.

•             Special  CCS cover for more comfort.

Available Variants

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