Safety Aspect

The head is highly vulnerable to injury during each bike ride; hence wearing a helmet is must. Thus, most states now have mandatory helmet laws. Steelbird helmets are incomparably more capable than conventional ones in terms of protecting the rider's head during high impact injury.

Steelbird helmets are made up of highly protective components that comprise of:

  • High Impact ABS Material Shell to prevent perforation of the helmet by a sharp edged object that might otherwise rupture the shell.
  • Multi layer EPS to prevent the inner lining from getting damaged during an erosive contact with any kind of hard surface.
  • Micro-Metric Buckle with metal locking to ensure extra safety.
  • Neck Protector for neck safety against penetrating injuries.

Safety Recommendations:

  • Steelbird’s visor ensures optimal vision and protects your precious eyes. Keep your helmet visor in good condition. If your visor is scratched or undeniable, replace it with a new one. Impaired visibility may cause accidents.
  • For maximum head protection, use only a helmet that fits snugly all around your head, and fasten the chinstrap securely under your chin.
  • After your helmet has protected you from ONE impact, you must get a new one.

Helmet Shell

High Desityeps

Single Button Flipup

Stainless Steel Buckle

Unbreakable Visor

Visor Locking System

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