Kukka K-1 Jack Glossy Squadran Blue With Orange

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1. Classic Designer Helmet.

2. 3 in 1 Helmet.

3. Helmet with the Sunpeak

4. Use  peak with visor.

5. Use peak with Cap.

6. New concept  for the first time with the Cap.

7. Replacable Inner visor with cap.

8. 4 Designer reflective straps on the sides.

9. The Straps are with specification of reflection  which glow when light falls on the strap.

10. Helmet as per ISI and European standards

11. Sizes available - 500mm(XXXS) - 620mm(XL).

12. Helmet with Cheek pads for added comfort.

13. More Space in the interiors for your ears.

14. Special  CCS cover  for more comfort.

Available Variants

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