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This stylish Steelbird Standing Rack is the perfect storage place for coats, jackets, handbags, purses, scarves, umbrellas Etc..

Great for homes and rooms with limited space, as having one Steelbird Standing Rack takes up less space compared to drawers and cupboards. Easy for guests to keep their items, especially bags and scarves when visiting, as they can always keep an eye on it and easily grab it when they're leaving. Makes a smart décor piece for your home or room as occupied Steelbird Standing Rack can show off your stylish handbags, accessories, medals. Steelbird Standing Rack acts as the most convenient hanging tool to avoid having coats throwing around the living room. Even in bedroom the Steelbird Standing Rack is truly efficient if there is a lack of wardrobe or cabinet to store your clothes. Besides being extremely useful, It can be an ornament to add spice and warm up your house

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