Steelbird Protoner Anti Slip Grip Wall Mounting Bar For Dips, Leg Raise, And Multiple Adjustable Exercises For Home And Gym (Easily Assembled)

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Steelbird Push-Up Wall Mounting Bars are made of strong material which provide great strength to bear body weight. High density foam padding for arm rest is provided which offers good comfort to user while exercising. Four mounting points are provided on each bar to fit it in the wall. Due to four mounting points the mounting bar bears weight of the user and does not comes out  from wall easily. Cushion grips are provided on Steelbird Push-Up Wall Mounting Bar handle so that user's hand does not slip while exercising. Various types of exercises can be performed on this wall mounting bar. One complete set of fasteners are provided with product.

1) Material: Mild Steel

2) Weight Bearing Capacity: 120Kg 

3) High Density Foam Padding for Arm  

4) Cushion Grips are Provided on the Handle 

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