SBH-11 Alpha Beta Glossy Battle Green With Orange

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Name- Vision Decal Hunk Matt
Model- Vision
Manufacturer- Steelbird
Colour- Black Blue
Visor- Smoke
Size- 600MM,580MM
1. High Impact ABS Material Shell. 
2. Multi-layer EPS (Thermocol) High Density and low density For more Safety with Air Channels. 
3. Micro-Metric Buckle meeting European Standards. 
4. The ventilation of the helmet's upper part uses the AIR BOOSTER system. 
5. Innovative ventilation system is also equipped with an air intake in the chin guard, an air intake in the frontal & Top area and two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet. 
6. Italian Design Hygenic Interior With Multipore Breathable Pedding Neck Protector For Extra Comfort 
7. Extra Comfort Padding  
8. Anti-Scratch Coated Visor 
9. Quick Release Visor mechanism Kit. 
10. Odourless Mouth Guard 
11. Wide Colour Range Available 
12. Bacteria-static coating
13. Anti Allergy Interior
14. No impact on your hair growth due to anti-bacteria coating in helmet interior
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